A book is born

Although my mailman recently left a package on my doorstep, it might as well have been delivered by the stork. I knew before opening it that it was an advance copy of a much anticipated bundle of joy: my newest picture book named Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns. Breathless, I tore open the padded envelope and slid out the book. And then, like a mother counting the fingers and toes on her newborn, I caressed its pages, marveled at the cover, and felt a rush of gratitude.

As I savored the richly detailed illustrations, I realized that an artist not only put beautiful pictures to my words but elevated them beyond what I ever thought possible. I was so fortunate to have Julie Paschkis illustrate Night of the Moon and know that much of the positive attention it received was due to her brilliant contribution. And now, with Mehrdokht Amini’s talent splashed across the pages of this book, I’m again awed by her creativity and artistry. I haven’t quite figured out how she got the layers of detail into her paintings, but it’s stunning.

I hope you all will welcome this new book into the world and am super excited to see the life it leads. The first step will be for it to hit the warehouses. Then it will travel to the desks of those in charge of editorial reviews and hopefully make a good impression. Finally, it’ll make its debut in bookstores sometime in the late spring. Like a parent, I’ll probably be sharing key moments and experiences with you. In the meantime, here’s the requisite baby photo. Stay tuned!