One of my favorite things to do is sharing my books and experiences as a writer with audiences of all ages and sizes, from pre-schoolers to seniors, and groups of 10 people to over 300! In addition to school visits, I lead writing workshops, give lectures and keynote addresses, and hold community story time and meet the author events.

I’m happy to customize my presentations to fit your needs, but examples of presentations I offer include:

  • Using my Muslim-themed picture books to explain Islamic culture, traditions and the Ramadan and Eid celebrations, including a “show and tell” of artifacts. For upper elementary students, I introduce concepts like the lunar cycle, fasting, and Islamic calendar. Ideal for grades k-6.

  • Sharing my middle grade novels, including the writing process, how I developed the characters and themes, and my inspirations and goals for the book with a focus on building compassion and tolerance. Ideal for grades 3-8.

  • Adventures in writing! How to use research to inform writing and as a launch point for creativ­ity. A step-by-step explanation of how I constructed my choose-your-own adventure novels. Ideal for grades 4-6.

  • Bringing your culture into your writing. Speaking about my journey as a writer, my experience writing as Pakistani American Muslim, and the need for diverse stories. Challenging students to brainstorm their own personal narratives. Ideal for grades 4-8.

Please get in touch with me using the form below to see how we can design a visit or event that fits your school or group.

Ms. Khan’s visit to share her sensitively-written and beautifully -illustrated book, Night of the Moon, was the perfect prelude to our fourth grade study of Islam. She was able to arouse in our students an awareness of and interest in her cultural and religious traditions through personal anecdotes and hands-on experiences. Brava to Ms. Khan!
— Pauli Nathanson, Teacher, The Holton Arms School
Truthfully, she did an amazing job and our students were interested, excited and had some really great questions. She spoke about Islamic culture and traditions and the research side of her chapter books. She had examples of objects mentioned in Golden Domes - like the kufi that she let some boys try and hijab that some girls tried on, photos of mosques... they were interested in it all! And I can’t tell you how thrilled our Muslim students were to be recognized. It was a wonderful experience for all of us
— Jennifer Stacy, Library Media Specialist, Patrick Henry ES
Our student population is extremely diverse, and our collection was in dire need of books that discuss Ramadan in an open and creative manner for elementary school students. Ms. Khan’s presentation, which included wonderful visuals and artifacts, was excellent. The students, many of whom knew nothing about Ramadan, loved every minute. Most importantly, Ms. Khan was sensitive to those students who celebrate Ramadan and were therefore empowered by her discussion. I highly recommend Ms. Khan.
— Karina Hirschhorn, Media Specialist, Cedar Grove Elementary School
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A visit to Whetstone Elementary School with An Open Book Foundation

A visit to Whetstone Elementary School with An Open Book Foundation